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Is there a fee to use Allied?
No. There is never a fee to applicants for our service.
Can I use Allied as a reference for future employment?
Yes. Allied will provide references for future employment. Temporary work provides verifiable work experience that can help build your resume.
If I work for Allied, who is my employer?
Allied Personnel Services is your employer, not the company where you are assigned. Your paycheck and benefits come from Allied. If you have any questions or concerns with your assignment, paycheck or any other situation that may impact your work, contact Allied.
How do I apply with Allied?

Allied offers several application methods. You may stop in to one of our offices, you may apply online, or you may email your resume to

Will I receive benefits?

Yes. Please visit our Why APS? page for more information.

Once I apply, how long does it take to get a job?
Our staffing team begins considering you for assignments as soon as your application is complete. Some applicants may find placement within a few days, others may take a few months, and others we may never be able to place. There is no guarantee.
How do I report my time?
Upon placement, an Allied staffing professional will advise you on the specific timekeeping procedures. It can vary from one assignment to another. No matter the reporting method, it is your responsibility to make sure Allied receives your hours every week.
How do I get paid?

If you are placed on assignment, you will be paid on a weekly basis. We offer three convenient ways to get paid. You may pick your check up in one of our offices, you may enroll in direct deposit, or you may have your pay applied to a pay card.

What companies does Allied work with?

We work with a variety of companies that span a diverse set of industries. Our clients are small companies, midsize companies, and large Fortune 500 companies.

What happens if the job I’m doing ends?

When an assignment with Allied is complete, you need to contact your Allied representative to discuss new opportunities.

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