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Maximize Your Follow-Up Strategy After a Job Fair

Job fairs can be a whirlwind of opportunities, a place where potential employers and job seekers converge in a bustling environment. However, the real challenge often begins after the event concludes. The follow-up process is crucial in making a lasting impression and ensuring that your efforts at the job fair translate into job offers. While you don’t have a direct view into the HR offices of the companies you interacted with, we are here to share some strategic insights on how to effectively navigate the post-job fair follow-up.

Manage Your Expectations

It’s important to set realistic expectations when it comes to receiving callbacks. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back from most of the companies where you left your resume. If you meticulously researched and applied to specific companies with open positions that match your qualifications, your chances of a callback improve. However, if you handed out resumes indiscriminately, there’s a higher probability that your skills may not align with their current needs.

Prioritize Your Follow-Ups

After the job fair, take some time to review the list of employers you interacted with and determine which ones genuinely sparked your interest. Aim to follow up with these companies within a week, preferably by the following Tuesday. This timeframe strikes a balance between showing enthusiasm and giving recruiters time to process the influx of applicants. If you didn’t get a recruiter’s name, use online resources to find a way to apply or follow up, mentioning your interaction at the job fair.

Understand the Application Process

If you were advised to apply online, don’t interpret this as a brush-off. Large employers often use online applications to populate their databases with potential candidates. Your resume might not match an immediate opening, but it could be considered for future positions. Companies frequently search their applicant databases when new positions arise, and your profile could be revisited if it matches their criteria at a later date.

Avoid Over-Following Up

Persistence is a virtue, but it’s important not to overdo it. If you’ve made a follow-up call and haven’t received a response, refrain from calling again. The sheer volume of applicants can make individual follow-ups impractical for employers. Understand that if they don’t contact you, it simply means they don’t have a current need for your skills. Keep your job search momentum going and check back in a month if you see a new job posting that suits your qualifications. A single follow-up email at that point is appropriate.

Final Thoughts

Attending a job fair can be either invigorating or disheartening, depending on the outcomes. Remember, job fairs are just one of many avenues for job hunting. Continue to network, apply online, and scour other sources such as newspaper ads. Focus your efforts on employers you genuinely want to work for, and tailor your applications to match their needs. By honing your follow-up strategy, you can enhance your chances of turning job fair interactions into meaningful employment opportunities.

If attending job fairs isn’t an option for you, Allied has you covered!  Stop by one of our offices to speak to a recruiter, or apply online anytime!



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